Kigali : Niba warize Communication, Mass Media, Public Relations, Journalism, Linguistics and Literature ukaba ufite A0 amahirwe yagusekeye aka kazi nti kagucike itariki ntarengwa 20/11/2018

Job Description

Main duties and responsibilities

Develop the media and communication strategy/plan of the City of Kigali, ensure its effective implementation and produce periodical reports thereof;

Gather and disseminate information about the City of Kigali using a range of communication mediums and manage the institution information and communication fluxes;

Post information intended for institution services users or guests on the City of Kigali’s website and other media outlets;

Organize press conferences, radio and televised broadcasts to inform the public on the progress and or outcomes of different events/initiatives running in the City of Kigali;

Write, in collaboration with concerned staff, articles and or briefs meant for publication in various communication mediums;

Establish and manage relationships between the institution and the media world.

Job Profile

A0 in Communication, Mass Media, Public Relations, Journalism, Linguistics and Literature.

Key technical skills and knowledge required:

– Excellent communication skills both orally and in writing;

– Excellent interpersonal skills;

– Report writing and presentation skills;

– Computer skills;

– Creativity and initiative;

– Good organizational and time

– Management skills;

– Team working skills;

– Effective public relations and public speaking skills;

-Interviewing skills;

-Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and French; knowledge of all is an advantage

Kanda hano wiyandikishe muhatanira aka kazi

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